Why Can't We Be Bestie-corns? Book

Why Can't We Be Bestie-corns? Book


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Kevin the Unicorn loves being friends with everyone! But what happens when a friendship just doesn’t fit?

Everyone knows that everyone loves unicorns. When it comes to making friends, they really know their stuff ― especially Kevin! So when a newni-corn moves in next door, Kevin can’t wait to meet his new best friend. They’re going to do everything together!

But something’s not quite right. Eric likes clam juice, stinky cheese and disco dancing. Kevin . . . not so much. He likes glitter soda, skateboarding and painting. They’re having a problem finding their bestie-corn groove. What’s a unicorn to do?

This delightful picture book sparkles with humour and serves as a reassuring reminder that you can be friendly, even if you’re not best friends.

Ages 4-8

Pages 32

Dimensions 26.13 x 0.78 x 26.18 cm




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