Midi Beads Jar Sets *

Midi Beads Jar Sets *



Fantastic family fun creating your very own designs!

Simple to use, they help develop a child’s creativity from age 5. Just place the beads one by one on the pegboard following your chosen design, fuse the beads together with ironing paper and iron. Once cold, peel off the paper to reveal your masterpiece! Make them into 3D figures, add a keychain, string them up in your window/vehicle, add a magnet … the possibilities are endless!

Specifications: 4000+ Midi Beads  in a Jar Includes 3 Small Pegboards, Assorted Shapes, Design Sheets, Ironing Paper and Detailed Instructions.

Package Size (cm) : 11.5 x 12.5 x 11.5

Age: 5 Years+

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Pink Jar, Green Jar


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