I See, I See Book

I See, I See Book


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“The atmospheric illustrations in warm colors match the tone of the story well. The short text blocks are placed on alternating empty color areas in the images. The writing style is natural and casual. Exclamations and important remarks are printed in large type. A cheerful and tidy picture book ‘with a message'” – Mechelen Library‘You need glasses!’ the doctor says. It makes Eduard jump. He doesn’t want glasses! But at the optician, the sweet saleswoman tells him a little secret: with glasses, he will see things that other people do not see. Special things. And she is right! Little ants that walk to school with him, a bird’s nest high up in the tree and wonderful figures in the clouds … and the cute freckles on Linda’s little nose. It is wonderful!

A surprising story about a boy who discovers a new world with a pair of glasses on his nose. For children aged 3 and up (even those who don’t wear glasses), because there is still a lot to discover when you see the world in a different light!

Ages 3-9

Pages 32

Dimensions 21.59 x 1.27 x 30.48 cm




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