Chill, Chomp, Chill Book

Chill, Chomp, Chill Book


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Meet Chomp, a preschooler with lots of feelings . . . who is also a T. Rex! Join him as he learns to navigate his emotions in this timely debut picture book complete with a downloadable companion song.

From losing a toy to making a huge mistake on the kickball field, Chomp is a lovable T. Rex going through tough and relatable preschool experiences. When Chomp is about to lose his temper and act out, he uses mindfulness as a tool to better understand his emotions. Whether it’s sharing toys, feeling left out, or making mistakes, every child encounters frustrating situations in the classroom setting and at home. This picture book helps kids identify, understand, and cope with their feelings. With bright, humorous, and playful illustrations and a memorable companion song, children will all want to chill with Chomp as they learn chill skills to manage their emotions in sticky situations through his example. Should Chomp roar? Should Chomp stomp? Should Chomp . . . CHOMP? Chill, Chomp. Chill!

Ages 4-7

Pages 32

Dimensions 25.4 x 0.87 x 25.4 cm




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