All Hands On Deck! Rescue Story Book

All Hands On Deck! Rescue Story Book


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All Hands on Deck!: A Deadly Hurricane, a Daring Rescue, and the Origin of the Cajun Navy

A heroic tale of boats, large and small, teaming up and lending a hand in a time of need, based on the true story of a community that came together to rescue survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

When the wind is high and the barometer is low, it can mean only one thing: Hurricane! In the aftermath of a terrible storm, a coastal community is left in shambles, with thousands of people stranded on cars or rooftops. The Coast Guard is stretched to its limit, and all along the coast, schooners and sloops and speedboats wonder “What can I do? I am only one little boat.” But by working together, even the littlest boats can make a difference.
Based on the true story of the “Cajun Navy” that came together in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and has continued to assist in rescue efforts after every major hurricane to strike the Gulf Coast in the years since, this tale of courage and community will inspire readers of all ages to step up and do their part.

Ages 3-6

Pages 40

Dimensions 21.29 x 0.86 x 26.16 cm



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