1,500 Stickers Create an Adventure Books

1,500 Stickers Create an Adventure Books



1,500 Sticker Create an Adventure Books – is absolutely packed with sticker fun. With 156 pages (HUGE) of different themes in each books & 1,500 stickers, kids will spend hours bringing these adventures to life!

Fun Adventures – This 156-page book is split into three sections—pirates, monsters, and dinosaurs—and each page includes simple prompts for kids to use the stickers included at the end of the book. Can you find the hidden treasure on every spread? Add more pirates to the deck, arrange the monsters in an Egyptian tomb, choose the dinosaurs that live in the ocean!

Fun Animals – From the icy arctic to the colorful rain forest, Fun Animals is loaded with all types of activities and prompts. Whether it’s a busy farmyard or a scenic mountaintop, each spread includes a different scene and activity for kids to use their stickers on. Plus, there’s a sneaky rat hiding on every spread. Can you find him?

Fun Fantasy – The magical scenes in this cute and colorful activity book will come to life as kids add stickers to the pages! Fun Fantasy is jam-packed with activities in four fantastic categories: fairies, mermaids, princesses, and unicorns and horses. Your little one will spend hours adding reusable stickers to scenes like a palace garden, an enchanted forest, a tea party, and much more! Whether kids choose a colorful unicorn or a friendly fairy, this book offers fun on every page!

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Fun Animals, Fun Fantasy, Fun Adventure


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