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So Exciting!

To book an online Lukas & Hannah party, please fill out the information below & a consultant will be in touch with you soon!

    Hosting Can Be Rewarding

    Not only are our online parties for Lukas & Hannah Clothing Co. SUPER FUN (insert wink) but they can also be very rewarding!

    Your guests have the option of shopping inside your online party through social media or by shopping direct to the website with your link.

    L&H Consultants always try to keep the party short, sweet & tons of fun, with daily posts, games & prizes for your guests.

    The exciting part for you? Is that you can earn host rewards in THREE different ways! Wahoo!

    Party, Party, Party - Which one for you?

    Facebook Party

    The most popular & usually most successful of all of our party platforms, is the traditional online Facebook party. Your consultant will create a ‘group’ where they will showcase everything you & your guests need to know & see about Lukas & Hannah Clothing Co. These parties usually run between 3 to 7 days.

    Link Party

    One of the more relaxed party platforms is hosting a ‘Link Party’ where you, as the host receive a specific website link & share it with your guests to shop direct to the website. There is no exact structure for these type of parties & the link can remain open for up to one full month!

    Messenger Party

     This fast & furious style of party happens inside a Facebook Messenger group. This event usually lasts for about 24 hours, with your Lukas & Hannah Consultant posting regularly & answering questions & taking orders in real time. *the key to a successful Messenger Party is ensuring your guests are all available & tuned in for this short period of time!

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